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 1 Year Warranty

Subject to the terms and conditions specified herein, SWIN Lighting products are warranted to the original purchaser onlyin cases of manufacturing defects in material or workmanship.

1. The warranty policy covers the labor and materials only.

2. The products must be taken or sent directly to an authorized SWIN Showroom or SWIN service centre along with this warranty card at the purchaser’s risk and expense.

3. This warranty does not cover consumable items or accessories.


The warranty will not apply to the following:

1. Accidents which occur during shipping or transit to or from the purchaser and handling and damage resulting therefrom.

2. Nature wear and tear or any other causes beyond the SWIN’s control.

3. Malfunction or damage due to product misuse, abuse, or negligence and/or any other incorrect adjustment, installation or adoption, modification, repair, replacement of parts by the purchaser and/or any party than Authorized SWIN store or SWIN service centre.

4. Malfunction or damage due to fire, earthquake, flood, lighting, or any other nature disaster, abnormal voltage or local voltage fluctuation, war, or any other disturbance (revolution, riot etc)

5. Products repaired, adjusted, rebuilt, changed or converted by any person (including the purchaser) other than Authorized SWIN store or SWIN service centre.

6. Products, whose serial number has been changed, tampered with or removed.


Purchaser responsibilities:

If purchaser requires the warranty service he/she must send or take the defective product at his/her own expense to any Authorized SWIN Showroom or SWIN service centre. The Purchaser must produce the original purchase invoice together with this warranty card stamped by the dealer. Failure to produce these items to Authorized SWIN store or dealer service centre will invalidate the warranty.


This warranty stands null and void if the lighting products are not used with a voltage stabilizer / spike buster of good quality.

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