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Terms of Use


1.        Price without VAT and freight. This price only belongs to products price  

2.        To avoid mistakes, all orders should be placed written by e-mail or fax.

3.        With a maximum of 48 hours you will receive a conformation of your order by mean of a pro invoice were delivery time, amount to be paid, parking list, etc are mentioned. Please check that all data stated are correct. Both your personal data as the order. In case of any surcharge the client is responsible of this mistake. 

4.        Cancelling the order should be done within 48 hours alter placing the order. For orders cancelled we will charge a penalty of 20% of the total price plus shipping costs both ways. This penalty is only applicable when S-WIN mentioned the delivery time on its pro invoice.  


1.        For general standards, delivery fees are always paid by the client.

2.        We can take care of the delivery of the goods.

3.        All lot of our goods are available from stock. If we do not have an article in stock the maximum delivery time will not exceed 70 days from the day of the conformation of the order.

4.        Deliveries that can not be done because of difficulties regarding access are charged to the customer. Both the delivery as the return fees. Customer should notify us about every detail to facilitate the delivery. If you want you can always contact our technicians to verify the measures of the product. (Especially for sofas and tables).  

5.        The prices do not include mounting for products that should be mounted. 

6.        The products are totally packed and protected within a box. If, for any reason, you order to unpack the products before it arrived to its final destination any damage of the goods is not the responsibility of SWIN anymore. 

7.        Delivery times showed on the website are indications. SWIN is not responsible for any delay caused by external parties. Any claim should be presented directly to the transport company, because of the fact that on the moment of buying you are contracting this service of an external company.  

Payment conditions: 

1.        As general norm all payments should be done beforehand in cash or by bank transfer.

2.        If we don’t have the required product in stock you will have to pay 30% alter receiving the pro invoice and the other 70% before the sending of the products.

3.        For payments done by ´Cash by delivery´ the transport company will charge 5% extra wish have to be paid directly to them. All orders done with this kind of payments have to be confirmed by sending a signed pro invoice by email or fax.

4.        Those clients that have payment terms of 30 or 60 days should pay 30% of the total amount anticipated

After sales service:

1.        After receiving the products you have 24 hours to notify us about any irregularity. Please send us photos of the problem by email. Without photos we can not deal with any incidents. After 24 hours after receiving the products irregularities are not our responsibilities anymore.

2.        All sendings do have all-risk insurance valid till 24 hours after the delivery.

3.        Return sending should be done in the original box. This without having the chair mounted or used. After receiving and checking of the products returned by you well will refund your payment.

4.        For any return sending which do no have as reason damage or errors caused by SWIN, the transport fees have to be paid by the customer. Further more it is obligatory to return the products in the same state as they arrived. If not we can not accept return sending. All damaged good will be replaced by new ones without any extra charges to the customer. In case a client does not want to receive a replacement, transport costs should have been paid by the customer.

5.        All the goods showed on the website do mention colors and measures which do give an approximation of reality, but are not 100% reliable. In case of any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact our technical department. In case of a return for this reason transport costs should be paid by the client.

6.        In case a client cancels an order partially or totally once received the orders, the client will be penalized with 10% or the total amount. Transport costs should also be paid by the customer.


1.        In case of any divergence caused by not complying with the buy-sales conditions, both parties will present the case to court to solve.


1.        All products have a 1 year warranty. Starting date of the warranty is the date of the invoice. This warranty only valid for damage caused by production errors.

2.        The warranty means that we will replace the products as much as necessary without any costs for the customer. Refund of money is not possible after 2 weeks after the delivery.

3.        To get served, you should register on our website. Your data will be automatically stored in the service center based in SWIN. All data will be treated confidential and will only be used for administrative and operative purposes.

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